My Cluttered Mind

As the days pass and the years go by, the one constant is my cluttered mind. Thoughts overwhelm my brain, so much so that success, goals, and dreams are not realized. The beauty of the present moment is a gift that often slips through my fingers. My cluttered mind has destroyed relationships and resulted in broken dreams. The older I become, the more I realize that in order to live freely, I must channel my cluttered mind into something. When I was younger, this outlet was gymnastics. After this time in my life ended, I went from one outlet to the next, struggling to find something to maintain my balance. This year will be different. The constant chaos of one thing to the next has finally slowed down for me to realize that my outlet is to create. To create a blog post, to create a new workflow, to create a beautiful dance of yoga poses. My hope is that I continue down the path of creating and my cluttered mind continues to be silent.

Blog Photo.jpg

I encourage you-wherever you are to find your outlet and create. You will begin to see positive changes in your life and your cluttered mind, if you’re like me and you have one.


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